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Scale-Model LEGO Steam Engines

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Commissions  are currently OPEN!!

Right now, I am only offering copies of models that I’ve already designed. In the future I hope to be able to offer commissioned designs, however those are going to go through much lengthier design time and will be priced higher due to all the work and time that the design process takes.


There are several options for commissioned engines. Some of the engines I build are designed with LEGO Power Functions in mind, and this is optional for any copies that I may sell. Aside from standard parts, the two largest chunks of the expense come from the drivers and any electronics. If the engine you choose has the option to be motorized, you are more than welcome to request that the electronics not be included. This will make the model cheaper, as I see no reason to charge the same price for a cheaper product. I can also look into alternate colour schemes for the engines, with the disclaimer up front that the options are going to be extremely limited and dictated entirely by the parts LEGO has produced, and partially the cost of the part. If the requested livery is possible, but expensive, I will communicate this to you.


As I have not yet made building instructions for my engines, they will be sold pre-assembled. I will do my best to pack them very well, and include instructions on the best way to pick them up to avoid damage. In the event something comes apart, I offer assistance via email and pictures to help you get your new engine back in shape. If by some unhappy accident your model takes a spill and needs some serious repairs, I also offer a repair service for a small fee. Simply box up the engine and all the pieces you can find and ship it back to me, and I will get it back in shape. This may take some extra time if parts have gone missing or if an element broke in the accident, and depending on the cost of materials the fee may be a little more expensive purely to cover the cost of parts. I would like to note, however, that this is extremely unlikely to be the case unless a large portion of parts is missing.


While I cannot put down a price here for a commission, as that is highly variable by engine, I can give some pointers. Larger engines are going to be more expensive as a rule of thumb, but if the engine has several drivers (For instance, the 2-6-6-2 Mallet has 12!!) that will drive up the cost purely from a materials standpoint. The other big price driver is going to be the motorization, if available. Simply the electronics required can run between $35-$90, without any markup from me. A large chunk of that is the price LEGO charges for their Rechargeable LiPo battery pack, which currently is $50 US. While expensive, I cannot recommend it enough and for some engines I’m afraid it will be the only battery I will offer as it requires no disassembling of the model to change out the batteries, and as another bonus provides much better performance.


As site work continues and I have more of my engine archive up, I will update this page with contact information for those interested. Please keep checking back if you are interested!!